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The 5 graves - right side

       This place is also called "Nahuna Point" and is located very close to Makena Landing, where you can find good facilities: shower, restroom, parking lot.
I have no doubts, it was my first and for sure the best dive in Maui because of two reasons: beautiful underwater geological lava structures and white tip reef sharks that are residents over there.
You can find a number of caves that you can venture in to and explore. I was lucky, because I dived there with two local divers whom I met preparing themselves to dive, and they guided me underwater. Just after descending we explored one quite big cavern, that can accommodate even 4 people inside. Actually we saw only one more cave big enough to enter, but it was taken by two huge white tip reef sharks (!) Unfortunately in that moment my camera ran out of battery… so my first meeting with sharks in their natural environment wasn't immortalized on the picture.
Anyway the spot is worth going to. You just need to be aware of two things: first - you can get yourself wedged if you venture into caves, second - is encountering a shark - resident while inside the cave. The second one is not really dangerous, but can scare you to death if one of the sharks bumps you while you are in the cave, so better prepare yourself mentally for such a event…

  it could be greate picture, if I didn't move the camera :(


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