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Scenic Point

       I did this spot twice. Actually not because I liked it so much after the first dive, but I lost my brand new knife somewhere on the reef. The attempt to find it was fated to failure?, anyway I did try… gave up after 30 min. of searching and started taking beautiful pictures because the water was very clear that morning. Twice as clear then the previous afternoon. I don't know, but maybe this is a rule that water is clear early in the morning there? At least it happened to me.
Dive itself was very strange, I felt uncomfortable and scared a little bit, because of the voices… like in any thriller movie. These were Humpbacks screaming. They are completely not dangerous actually I wish I found one whale under water… I heard it feels like meeting a small submarine. Also there are plenty of broken fishing lines with anchors and weights what enhanced that scary scenario. When I realized what makes me feel that uncomfortable I convinced myself that it's stupid and the rest of my dive was really good. I met a lot of beautiful schools of fish, several moray-eels some of them were really big, unfortunately it's not visible on the pictures coz they were carefully hidden in the reef, and there is no dimension reference to figure out how big their heads are.
I can strongly recommend this site to visit. It's just below Scenic Point parking lot, where every tourist looks for whales during the winter season. The only danger is very steep way down to the entry point.

Oh I would have forgot, J finally I found my knife in last minute, just before getting out of the water.

  this is one of my best under water picture
my knife!! :)  


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