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Nu'u Bay

       I guess, this is the only place on the south shore of Maui where you can always find calm enough water to let you safely enter and get out of it. As I said it's placed in south part of the Island, and there is no direct road connection with Kihei (tourist center), so to get there you have to go around the Haleakala volcano, through the "way to Hana", pass Hana city and further, where you will find sections of the road that is very narrow, and sometimes unpaved, so be careful, but don't worry you can go there with any kind of car. Jeep is not necessary. Anyway it's quite far from civilization, there is not a single point where you can refill your tanks, so make sure you've got enough of them. In good SCUBA centers, when you say that you are going to Hana area, they will give you tanks for couple of days without additional charge.
It's very difficult to find appropriate "green gate" that walks you to the entry point. If it is possible ask someone (I said if possible, coz most of people there are tourists as you). The green gate is just behind the 31Mile road marker (few yards). During the dive itself I didn't find any hazards or difficulties, but the guidebook says that hammerhead, and tiger sharks are present there, so I wouldn't venture night dive on this reef. To complete the story I will say that I didn't find any sharks during the day.



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